Letters of Request

A letter of request is a formal document written to ask for funding from ECCF for a specific program or purchase. These letters are used in meetings with donors, if applicable, and provide ECCF with a strong understanding of what the needs of nonprofits in our community are. 

If your nonprofit has a funding need that’s relevant to a Fund's purpose, you can email a letter of request to grants@eccfwi.org or mail a hard copy to our office. The letter of request should include:

  • The date your letter was written
  • Your organization’s name and mission
  • A description of your funding needs and timeline
  • How the target audience/nonprofit will benefit if your grant proposal is funded
  • The amount you’re requesting and timeline for spending
  • A clear breakdown of how grant dollars would be used

Funds accepting Letters of Request include:

For a complete listing of ECCF funds, browse our family of funds page.