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Our online Community Portal is available to all ECCF fund holders. It offers 24/7 access to real-time fund activity reporting through a secure, online cloud that meets best-in-class industry standards to protect your information.


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Community Portal FAQs


Instructions for the Community Portal


Community Portal for Fund Holders

As a Fund Holder, you have an online portal,, where you can access information about the fund(s) you manage. ECCF will email you a login name and a link to access your Community Portal. Select the link, and you will be prompted to create your password to the Portal site. Once your password is created, go to the Portal, enter your credentials, and log in.

If you serve as a Fund Holder for multiple funds, you will see the “Choose Fund” menu once you have successfully signed in to the Community Portal System. Choose the account with which you wish to interact. 

  • If you are listed as a Fund Holder for only one Fund, you will go directly to the home page for the Fund.

After You Log In

Once you’ve logged in, you can select the tabs at the top of the page to view the different types of information available. Your screen will look like this:

  • The “Home” tab shows the Fund’s current balance plus the spendable balance (if applicable). This area also lists all fund advisors, shows recent contributions, and displays recent grants given from the Fund.
  • The “Choose Fund” tab is visible if you are an advisor for more than one Fund. If so, you can click on “Choose Fund” to view your different funds.
  • The “Contributions” tab shows all donations to the Fund.
    • Clicking on a Contributor’s name will bring up their history of contributions.
  • The “Grants” tab will show the history of grants made from the Fund.
  • If you’re the Fund Advisor for a Donor Advised Fund, you can make grant requests from the Fund’s assets by clicking on the “Grant Request” tab.
    • This tab will show a list of any grants you’ve already requested along with their current status.
    • Grant requests still in the “request” status can be canceled from this screen.
    • The left side of the screen is where grant requests are created.

A. This is a drop-down list of previous grantees from your Fund.

B. The “Other foundation funds” box lists Funds that are being publicly promoted because of frequent use.

C. ‘Search for other Grantees’ allows you to enter the name of your desired nonprofit or keywords related to it, then click the “Search” button. The system will search GuideStar for organizations containing the keywords. GuideStar is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. The more keywords used, the better the search results will be. Please contact ECCF if you encounter any problems when searching for a grantee.

D. This section is where a new nonprofit or grantee can be entered manually. You will need to enter the new grantee’s name, address, zip code, and phone number to move the grant request to ECCF for approval.

E. Once the grantee information has been added, you can complete the request by clicking the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.

F. The “Statements” tab shows monthly fund statements. Fund Holders can view newly created fund statements immediately after they’re created, as well as past fund statements.

    • Printing Statements – When you click on the PDF link, the system will generate a PDF that you may save or print in a new window. We will not be mailing out fund statements if you are using the Community Portal.
  • The “Donate” tab takes you to a list of all ECCF funds, organized by fund type. You may donate to any fund except Agency Funds, which requires that you make your gift directly to the affiliated organization.
  • The “Files” tab contains your Fund Agreement as well as any other pertinent documents related to your fund. It also contains your Legacy Statement of Intent.
  • Remember to use the “Logout” tab to close your Donor Portal. NOTE: You will be automatically logged out each night even if you do not log out manually.

Locked out of your Community Portal? The system will lock you out after five unsuccessful login attempts. If you are locked out, please contact ECCF ( or call 715-552-3801). We can reset your login information and/or provide you with a temporary password that allows you to create a new password next time you log in.


ECCF can alert you every time a donation is made, or a grant is paid out from your Fund. These alerts can be utilized or canceled at any point. Please note that the alerts are not retroactive, so you will not be notified of past grants or donations. If you prefer not to receive numerous emails, ECCF recommends that you not request this option.

  • Contact ECCF if you wish to receive these alerts.