Public Gardens Fund

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The Public Gardens Fund supports nonprofit and publicly owned gardens and parks:

  • landscaping with WI native trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • planting flower gardens of all kinds
  • maintaining or enhancing existing plantings in nonprofit and publicly-owned gardens and parks.

Note:  Public gardens are the gardens at historical sites, nonprofit agencies, community gardens, and city, county, college and university gardens and parks. Also included are botanical & arboretum gardens, nature preserves, state and national parks, and zoos.

Any nonprofit with a project that aligns with the Public Gardens Fund's purpose can be considered for funding by submitting a Letter of Request via email to or by sending a hard copy to the ECCF office. Please include the following information:

  • The date your letter was written
  • Your organization’s name and mission
  • A description of your funding needs and timeline
  • How your funding request aligns with the Public Gardens Fund's purpose
  • The amount you’re requesting and timeline for spending
  • A clear breakdown of how grant dollars would be used

The fund was established by Tom and Annie Grewe in honor of Annie’s mother, Dorothy Mader Leidiger, who loved flowers, and grandmother, Anna Boudnik Mader, who loved gardening. Annie is a Master Gardener with a passion for safeguarding and beautifying the environment.