More than $500,000 in Response and Recovery grants awarded to local nonprofits!

The United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley, the Eau Claire Community Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Chippewa County worked together to help local nonprofits address the COVID-19 pandemic. Each organization offered its own grant opportunities, then collaborated to ensure that their grant awards would be the most effective at meeting Chippewa Valley needs. They awarded a collective total of $555,673 to 41 local nonprofits.

More information about the “Response and Recovery” grants can be found at , , and .

The United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley (UWGCV) awarded $304,250 in “Response and Recovery” grants to 5 Chippewa Valley nonprofits for programs that directly address the needs of vulnerable children. UWGCV had identified early childhood development and the well-being of the children’s families as being critical during their recent assessment of pandemic-related community needs.

The Eau Claire Community Foundation (ECCF) awarded $200,700 to 18 Eau Claire area nonprofits through its “Response and Recovery” Community Fund. These grants will help the organizations meet the urgent basic needs (such as food, shelter, and healthcare) of community members in need. This amount wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of C&M Companies, which made a $100,000 gift to the “Response and Recovery” Community Fund. 

“We know that many community members are struggling due to the pandemic, and we want to make sure they have adequate food, shelter, and child care regardless of their current income levels,” said co-owners Molly Filipczak and Cody Filipczak. “We at C&M Companies are happy to help people meet their greatest needs so they can make it through this crisis. Partnering with ECCF has assured us our dollars are making the most impact in our community.”  

The Community Foundation of Chippewa County’s “Response Recovery Rebuild” Fund has awarded $52,723 to 18 nonprofits serving Chippewa County, providing them with flexible resources to address the impact of COVID-19.

Together, these three organizations are working hard to ensure that Chippewa Valley residents and nonprofits can not only weather the storm of the pandemic, but emerge stronger when the storm has passed. Another wave of granting in the near future will continue their good work.

 The Community Foundation of Chippewa County creates, builds and manages endowment funds that benefit the people of Chippewa County. 

 Eau Claire Community Foundation strengthens our community by offering donors opportunities to establish charitable legacies, by making grants, and by serving as a catalyst to address community needs.

 United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley improves lives and builds stronger Chippewa Valley communities by bringing resources together to advance the common good.