WGC Educational Event Educates Community About Mental Health Needs and Resources

The Women's Giving Circle's Educational Event, “Navigating Mental Health Challenges During COVID-19,” featured panelists Laura Baalrud, Jackie Bachmeier, and Corina Fisher. They addressed youth and geriatric mental health challenges caused by the pandemic. They also shared coping strategies and the many resources that are available to people struggling with mental health issues. This online event took place on Monday, March 8, 2021.

Click here to watch a recording of the event.

Click here for community health resources.

The Women’s Giving Circle is a fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation. Its approximately 250 members use the power of collective giving by pooling their donations to fund grants to nonprofit organizations that work to enhance the well-being of local women and children. The impact of each member’s $250 or more contribution is considerable: Together, the WGC members have distributed $357,792 in grants since their Fund was established. The WGC is open to everyone who wants to become a member.