Grant Catalog

Give Green Grant Recipients Announced!

This year's St. Patrick's Day was especially festive for ECCF: On that day, we announced the recipients of bonus grants through our Give Green Grant Catalog.  This Grant Catalog, which allowed the public to donate directly to nonprofit funding requests, was part of the celebration of ECCF’s upcoming 25th anniversary. Give Green supports animals, the environment, and fitness opportunities; it’s one of ECCF’s four giving categories. A Grant Catalog for Create Culture, which supports art, literature, music, and museums, took place in July 2021 and raised almost $60,000 for 17…

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Use our Grant Catalog to Support your Favorite Nonprofits!

ECCF's first Grant Catalog is accepting donations from July 6-28! You can use it to browse requests from nonprofits in the Create Culture category (music, visual and performing arts, literature, and museums). Donate to any request--or requests--that pique your interest! All nonprofits that raise at least $1000 will be eligible for bonus grants. Make your money work even harder to support the organizations you love!  Browse the Create Culture Grant Catalog

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