Hope Gospel Mission’s New Acorn Fund

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The Eau Claire Community Foundation is pleased to announce Hope Gospel Mission’s creation of a new Acorn Fund.

Acorn Funds are seed funds that build in size until they can begin distributing grants to the community. Hope Gospel Mission will have 60 months from its Acorn Fund’s inception to reach the $10,000 level that will make the fund officially endowed. At that point, the fund will be able to distribute grants that help keep Hope Gospel Mission running smoothly.

Founded in 1998, Hope Gospel Mission is a faith-based organization that offers shelter, education, and other vital needs to impoverished residents of the Eau Claire area. The mission of its Acorn Fund is “to offer Christ-centered, life changing help to the homeless and needy in Western Wisconsin.”

Hope Gospel Mission carries out this mission through numerous services and programs; in addition to providing short-term emergency shelter, it provides long-term programs that, in the words of its website, are “dedicated to addressing the root causes of a homeless person’s problems. We ultimately want to see our residents become contributing, independent members of our society…In all our work, we strive to share the Love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior with those we meet—residents, donors, volunteers, and our neighbors throughout the world.”

Since Hope Gospel Mission receives no government funding, it relies on private donations and proceeds from its business enterprises (the Building Hope center, Bargain Center, and Auto Sales) to continue its work. Its Acorn Fund, once fully endowed, will be an important component in maintaining Hope Gospel’s financial strength.

If you are interested in learning more about Hope Gospel Mission’s Acorn Fund or in contributing to it, you can contact the Eau Claire Community Foundation or Hope Gospel Mission's Stewardship Director, John Ailie, at johna@hopegospelmission.org or at (715) 552-5566.