Grant Opportunities

ECCF and the Women’s Giving Circle (a Fund of ECCF) have competitive grant cycles that support nonprofits in the greater Eau Claire area.  

ECCF is supported by many generous donors. Their gifts grow our endowments, and the earnings fund grants to help meet the ever-changing needs of our area nonprofits. Each endowment fund is as unique as the donor who creates it, names it, and chooses its purpose. ECCF currently holds more than 250 funds. 

A volunteer Grants Committee, appointed by our Board of Trustees, reads the applications submitted and evaluates them based on the their potential benefits to the community. The Committee’s recommendations are presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

ECCF will offer free trainings on the ECCF and WGC grant cycles; anyone interested is welcome to attend. Please see our Grant Trainings post for more information.

Grant Opportunities & Cycles:
  • About ECCF's Community Grants

    1. Program Grants fund programs and services that meet important community needs in the greater Eau Claire area. Most of the grants’ impact must be in Eau Claire County. 

    2. Asset and/or Operations Grants fund specific purchases (e.g., a new computer) and improvements (e.g., a website upgrade). They may also support Operations expenses (e.g., salary or cleaning supplies) to keep nonprofits running smoothly during and directly after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Operations grants are not intended to be a permanent source of support for nonprofits. 

    Any tax-exempt nonprofits that serve the greater Eau Claire area are eligible to apply. See Grantmaking Guidelines for more information.  

  • What We Look For in Operations Requests

    NEW in 2021: ECCF is offering Operations funding because we recognize that nonprofits are in the process of adapting to changes caused by COVID-19. Because this option is a direct response to the pandemic, we want to learn how applicants’ programs, services, and internal operations have been affected.

    The Operations section of the “Asset and/or Operations” grant application is designed to help us understand the following:

    · Community Impact: Does the organization improve the community by meeting significant local needs?

    · Strategies: Does the proposal show how this grant will effectively address short-term operational needs while the organization implements a viable long-term strategy for sustainability?

    · Capacity: Does the organization have the capacity for using grant funds to effectively improve and/or sustain its ability to serve the community? Will it be able to clearly document its use of the grant funds?

    · Alternative funding sources: Is the organization actively seeking other funding sources so it can continue its service to the community after the grant period has ended? Will it be able to effectively use partial funding if its full request cannot be met?

  • Community Grant Cycle

    ECCF will begin accepting applications for its Community Grant cycle on Nov. 1, 2021. Applications are due Jan. 20, 2022, and awards will be announced in early May.

    Documents for the grant application process:

    If you would like to see PDF versions of the applications, please click ECCF Asset and Operations Grant Application or ECCF Program Grant Application. These copies are for review only; applications must be submitted using the online form in order to be considered for funding.

    You can collaborate on grant requests, so if you’d like other people in your organization to help you with the application, you can click the “Collaborate” button in the upper right hand corner of your application page to invite them. You can read the Collaborator Tutorial for more information.

    A final report on all funded grant proposals is required within 30 days of the grant period’s end. An extension may be requested by the grantee at least 60 days before the end of the grant period and requires ECCF Board approval.

    ECCF uses Financial Scan from GuideStar to review up to five years of each applicant’s reported financials.

    Online Grant Portal   

  • Women's Giving Circle Grant Cycle

    The WGC will begin accepting applications on April 1, 2022.

    If your nonprofit serves Eau Claire area women and/or children, you can apply for a grant from the Women’s Giving Circle. Click here for more information.

    Online Grant Portal   

Online Grant Portal