Important End-of-Year Dates for Donors

It’s never too early to start your year-end gift planning. Talk to your advisor and keep these dates in mind! 


By December 1 

Talk to your broker to plan and initiate any gifts of mutual fund shares or stock.  


By December 15

Visit with your financial advisor to make final plans with your gift of stock or mutual funds.

Don’t forget, ECCF can help you maximize your Qualified Charitable Distribution to meet the most important needs in our community!


By December 20

Submit your final grant recommendations for the year from your fund. 


December 23

Last day to initiate a stock transaction.


December 29

Last day to initiate a wire transfer to ensure a tax deduction in 2022.


December 31 

Donations must be received by ECCF, or post marked by this date to ensure a tax deduction in 2022.  


If you have questions or need guidance with utilizing your Qualified Charitable Distributions, please email or call (715) 552-3801.