Young Family Fund


Jack and Cleo Young were among the original organizers of the Eau Claire Community Foundation, providing guidance and seed funds to enable the Foundation to become established in the community.

They were the first members of the Society of Founders, which established the Eau Claire Community Foundation through the unrestricted generosity of individual gifts. As the Foundation continued to grow, Jack and Cleo established the Young Family Fund.

Grants from the Young Family Fund are directed to nonprofit organizations and causes that family members recommend for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Jack and Cleo are also members of the Foundation's Legacy Society, and Cleo is a Founder of the Foundation's Women's Giving Circle.

We have strong ties to Eau Claire. We have raised and educated our children and have benefited from a successful medical practice in Eau Claire. The fund is of great value to us in leaving a legacy that will perpetually make a positive difference in this city.
Jack and Cleo Young - 2003 ECCF Annual Report