Legacy Society Members

The individuals and couples listed below have included the Eau Claire Community Foundation in their estate plans.


Anonymous (3)
Helen* and Karl* Andresen
Dr David* and Joan Angell
Richard R. & Sara Solie Baer
Bob and Louise Barfknecht
Janet Barland
Thomas and Jill Barland
Jack* and Carol Bartingale
Jerry and Sue Bauer
Doris J. Bautch
Bill and Winnie Bean
Miss Priscilla Berry
Stephen and Kristine Bien
Preston* and Mary Kay* Bissell
Bill and Beth Blackburn
Don and Kim Bodeau
Robert and Andrea Bodeau
Mel and Leann Breed
Gregory Bremer and Jennifer Hanson-Bremer
Daniel F.* and Margaret J.*
Susan J. Bruce
Thomas and Joyce Bruckner
Dick and Marlene* Cable
Kurt and Tammy Cable
Jim Carter and Victoria Miller
Carol Craig
Roger and Betty Davis
Paul Del Torto
Arnie* and Lois* Domer
B.J.* and Bea* Farmer
Jennifer and Joseph Fesenmaier
Cody and Molly Filipczak
Victoria E. Finstad
Larry E. & Ida B.* Fischer

Heidi Fisher
Dr. Louis and Janet Frase
Roy and Janice Fuerstenberg
Richard T. Gannon
Annie Grewe
Charles and Becky Grossklaus
Ann Gunderson Thornburg
Cindy L. Hangartner
Christopher and Julie Hasenberg
Dick and Karen Hebert
Mark and Lois Helland
Lawrence Henkel
Dr. Eldon Hill
Jon N. and Maureen S. Homstad
Edna Hood*
Duane and Laura Hookom
Al and Peggy Jones
John Kaiser and Marcia Van Beek
Dr. David and Alice Katz
Betsy Kell
Dr. Daniel and Kerry Kincaid
Joseph Koehn*
Kathy Kovell
Julia Kyle
Richard D. and Marcia D. Larson
John and Jane Lokken
Sherry L. Macaul
Keith and Alison Martin
Buzz and Mary Ann Minton
Gregg and Emily Moore
Lois and Marlin Mueller
Jon and Erika Munger
Karl Murch

Charles D. and Sue E. Nyberg
Daniel and Mary Ann Ogan
Rick and Carol Olson
Tim and Carol Olson
Karen Overhulser
Tim and Denise Pabich
Jim and Kathy Pinter
Jack and Lois Postlewaite
Lyle and Karyn Quandt
Pat and Sue Quinn
Duane* and Ruth* Sackett
Andrew and Brenda Schlafer
Cindy Schlosser and Paul Wagner
Steve and Kaye Senn
Flo and Terry* Sheridan
Chuck Shoemaker Jr. and Lori John-Shoemaker
Bradley J. and Janet E. Smith
Vernon* and Jo Ann Smith
Jerry and Beth Speckien
Jack* and Donna* Stromwall
Amy E. Thurston
John* Thurston
Susan K. and Roger Tietz
Dr. Joseph M.* and Jean M.* Tobin
Gary* and Sonya Tourville
Dr. Peter Ullrich and Susan Pittman
Kenneth* and Roberta Vance
Jan and Kathryn Ver Hagen
Ron* and Johanna Warloski
Paul and Cheri Weinke
Bonnie Wright
Dr. Jack and Cleo Young

*Denotes Deceased