SS Safari All-Star Fund

Author and Fund Holder Bonnie Wright with her canine companion
Author and Fund Holder Bonnie Wright with her canine companion

This Fund supports organizations which protect children and animals from physical and mental abuse. It accomplishes this important mission by supporting the operations of Bob's House for Dogs and Fierce Freedom.

Bonnie Wright is passionate not only about protecting children and animals, but about educating the public on the link between the abuse of animals and family violence.

As a published author, Bonnie uses her writing to share her powerful experiences of abuse and redemption.  Her book Diggin' Up Bones: One Woman's Spiritual Struggle and her Golden Retriever who Leads her out of Unconscious Transgenerational Shame is available at The Local Store in Eau Claire and on

You can learn more about Bonnie and her writing by visiting her website at

This Fund honors the memory of her two beloved dogs, Sadie and Saxon, who died but inspired Bonnie's passion to help provide dogs with a "second chance" whether they present behavioral or physical health challenges. Bonnie is a member of the Foundation's Legacy Society.

Proceeds from sales of her book support charitable causes and organizations such as Bob's House for Dogs.