Richard J. Ziemann Fund

Richard J. Ziemann
Richard J. Ziemann

Richard J. Ziemann is highly involved in philanthropy; not only is he active with the Lions and his church, but he supports educational opportunities for many students through the scholarship funds he holds at the Fall Creek Area Foundation.

Starting a fund at the Eau Claire Community Foundation was a logical next step for expanding Richard’s philanthropic outreach. The Richard J. Ziemann Fund is Donor Advised, which allows him to recommend grants to a variety of nonprofits.

“It’s extremely fulfilling to know that I can help improve lives both in my community and beyond,” explained Richard. “It’s even more fulfilling to know that through my fund, the impact will continue to benefit people in future generations. I would strongly encourage anyone considering creating their own fund to go ahead and do it. It’s very satisfying to know how much impact your gift is having—and will continue to have.”

Thanks to Richard J. Ziemann and generous donors like him, nonprofits will have the support they need for years to come.

This Donor Advised Fund will support various charitable causes.