You Can Help the Legacy Live On

Legacy Lives On Snip

For 15 years, the Children’s Legacy Luncheon was an event which created awareness of special issues regarding the welfare of children in our community and raised funds to help causes related to our children. The Children’s Legacy Luncheon also honored community members who had made important and lasting contributions on behalf of children in the greater Eau Claire area. Each year individuals or couples were recognized for their efforts on behalf of the children of our community.

Honorees were nominated by members of the public and selected by a nomination committee. The selected honorees were recognized at the Luncheon with an “Outstanding Achievement Award” presentation, and each was invited to recommend a $500 grant to a nonprofit organization in our community.

The 15th and Final Luncheon

2016 was an important year for the Children’s Legacy Luncheon: It marked the Luncheon’s 15th and final year. At this milestone celebration, we recognized the 85 previous Outstanding Achievement Award Winners as well as six deserving new ones. The Anniversary also gave us the opportunity to thank our many sponsors for their past years of support.

During its 15 years, the Children’s Legacy Luncheon succeeded in its mission of making profound and lasting contributions to the health and welfare of children. Since inception, the Luncheon has distributed over $65,000 in grants to projects that enhance the well-being of local children, and the Endowment Fund has grown to almost $100,000.

Without each and every one of you, these achievements would not have been possible. You’ve demonstrated your commitment to youth welfare. Now it’s up to you and generous donors like you to keep the Legacy alive as the Foundation goes on to focus its resources on other pressing community needs.

The Legacy Lives On

With your support, the Children’s Legacy Endowment will live on through annual grants supporting local initiatives on behalf of children. These grants will be distributed every year in April through the grant process, and Grantees will receive special recognition.

The Foundation’s goal is to increase the Endowment to $125,000! You can help us reach this goal through a gift to the Endowment, which can be in honor of any or all of the Honorees. You’re free to contribute as much and as often as you like in order to sustain future granting.

Donating to the Endowment

You can make a gift using your credit card on the Children's Legacy Endowment Fund page of this website, or you can print out the Legacy Lives On Form and mail it with a check to the Eau Claire Community Foundation at 306 S. Barstow St. Suite 104, Eau Claire, WI  54701. Please make the check out to ECCF and note "Children's Legacy Endowment" on the memo line.

Though the event itself has ended, the positive impact on the lives of children will live on through your generous support to the Children’s Legacy Endowment. For Good. For Eau Claire. For Ever.