Create Culture Grant Catalog Bonus Grants Announced!

The Eau Claire Community Foundation is thrilled to announce the results of its first ever Grant Catalog, a new crowdfunding platform that allows community members to contribute directly to requests from local nonprofits.

In celebration of ECCF’s upcoming 25th anniversary, there will be four Grant Catalog cycles taking place over the coming year, one for each of ECCF’s four giving categories: Create Culture, Form Futures, Give Green, and Offer Opportunities.

The first category is Create Culture, which supports music, literature, visual and performing arts, and museums. Seventeen local nonprofits took part in this cycle and together raised almost $60,000.

In addition to the funds raised from direct contributions, the top three fundraisers also received bonus grants. The $5,000 bonus grant winner is the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, which raised $6,275. The $7,000 bonus grant winner is the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, which raised $14,310. Last but not least, the $10,000 bonus grant winner is the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre, which raised a grand total of $17,265!

The remaining nonprofits that raised at least $1000 were entered into a drawing for three $1000 bonus grants, which was drawn at the Facebook Live event. The nonprofits in the drawing were:

  • Chippewa Valley Museum
  • Chippewa Valley Post
  • Chippewa Valley Railroad Foundation
  • Eau Claire Municipal Band
  • Friends of Beaver Creek Reserve
  • Stand in the Light Memory Choir
  • The Master Singers

The recipients of the three additional $1000 bonus grants are the Chippewa Valley Railroad Foundation, Eau Claire Municipal Band, and Stand in the Light Memory Choir!

Congratulations to these fabulous nonprofits, not to mention ALL the nonprofits that do so much to enhance our area’s quality of life. ECCF invites you to join them in October to support education and training through the Form Futures Grant Catalog.