Leadership Award

Jane Lokken Receives the 2019 ECCF Leadership Award

Congratulations to Jane Lokken, who received the 2019 ECCF Leadership Award at the Autumn Social! Jane has worked tirelessly on behalf of ECCF. She's served on numerous committees, including a term as Board Chair, and she was instrumental in the development of many of ECCF's legal documents. In addition, she and her husband, John, established the John and Jane Lokken Fund. Thank you, Jane, for your role in making ECCF what it is today! ECCF Board Chair Karl Murch presents the 2019 Leadership Award to Jane…

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Jim Pinter Receives Leadership Award at the ECCF Autumn Social

Jim Pinter (bottom center), shown here with his family, received a Leadership Award at ECCF's 2017 Autumn Social. Jim Pinter's many achievements and lasting impact on the Eau Claire Community Foundation (ECCF) were recognized when he received a Leadership Award at ECCF's Autumn Social on September 18, 2017.  As members of the Society of Founders (SOF), Jim and his wife Kathy were instrumental in creating ECCF; without the dollars they and the other SOF members so generously contributed , ECCF couldn't have opened its doors. But…

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