Carson Park Baseball Stadium Renovation







Building the Future while Preserving the Past   


The Carson Park Baseball Stadium Renovation Project is a partnership between the City of Eau Claire, the users of the stadium, and YOU, the many supporters of baseball in the Chippewa Valley.

Renovation plans include:

  • Permanent bleacher seating along both sides of the stadium
  • Expanded dugouts
  • New restrooms and concession areas
  • Enlarged plaza area

The estimated cost of these improvements is $3.5 million, with the city covering half of the costs. The balance, ($1.75 million), will be provided by the users, area businesses, and individuals like YOU!

Whether you're a former player who enjoyed playing in the same stadium as the legendary Henry Aaron, or simply a fan who's followed your favorite player or team over the years, we encourage you to consider contributing to this Project. 

Whether it’s a one-time donation or a long-term pledge, all gifts to this Project are tax-deductible.  

Click the link below for more information about the Carson Park Baseball Stadium Renovation Project.

Printable Carson Park Renovation Brochure

Gifts to the Eau Claire Community Foundation (ECCF) for the Carson Park Baseball Stadium renovation Fund may be used for planning, construction, and operation of the Project, or for other costs and expenses associated with the Project as determined and approved by the ECCF Board of Trustees. All gifts are irrevocable and become exclusive legal assets of ECCF. The ECCF Board reserves the right to modify any conditions or restrictions on the fund as required by Treasury Regulations applicable to community foundations if the Project is terminated or not completed as planned. The ECCF Board will use its best efforts to redirect any unused funds to support similar projects for Carson Park.

Printable donation form. 

For other naming opportunities, contact Phil Fieber at or 715-271-5686.