Tom Lindsey Conservation Fund

This Fund was established by Brenna and Matt Lindsey-Schrupp in honor of Brenna's dad, Tom.
"My dad is the best conservationist I know, and he has done so much for me and Matt over the years. For example, in the summer of 2022, he helped us replace our traditional grass lawn with a 300 square foot, native plant pollinator garden, and install an underground drainage system to divert water away from our home. This was no small task, but one he helped us with without a second thought! Using sustainable forestry practice's, he also  grows a small patch of Christmas trees, and each year, he helps us cut and carry our very own for the holiday season. These are just a few of the countless ways he has supported us over the years. We wanted to do something special for him to say, 'thank you,' for all that he has done - which is why we established this Fund."
- Brenna Lindsey-Schrupp

Once it is fully funded, the Tom Lindsey Conservation Fund will support environmental organizations and their related programs, with preference given to programs that protect clean water and/or pollinator habitats. Each year, a grant will be given out in Tom's name, from now until forever.

You can donate online or mail a check to:

ECCF/Tom Lindsey Conservation Fund
306 S. Barstow St. Suite 104
Eau Claire, WI  54701