Stokes Herzog Family Fund

The Stokes Herzog Family
"Creating a fund has been a true dream come true for our family. We know the needs of this community after covering the news for so many years. When you learn about the hardships our community's kids face, you cannot help but want to be a part of the solution. When we started our own business and learned about the impact the Eau Claire Community Foundation can have, it was a no-brainer to start a fund. We can trust the investment of the donated dollars will grow, be managed well, and go to the people we want to help the most: kids in need. 

This Acorn Fund will eventually become a Donor Advised Fund that assists children in their most critical years of development with emergency and basic needs, nurturing, and education.

Thank you to the special people who tend to the hearts, minds, souls, and needs of the children in our community who need it most. We are eternally grateful for you. 

We are proud to show our kids that the impact of one family's decision to open an Acorn Fund can be multiplied to help so many others in the future. We are thrilled at the prospect of this legacy that they can become stewards of as they evolve as well."