Roger and Betty Davis Fund


Legacy Society members Roger and Betty Davis established this Designated Named Fund to support Eau Claire based group theatre organizations and Eau Claire based organizations and public entities performing classical or jazz music.

"I enjoy our local performing artists at least as much as I enjoy world ranked professionals," said Roger. "Some of the top rated artists I have seen appear to be just putting in 'another day at the office.' I think our local artists often put more of themselves into their performances. I appreciate that effort."

Each year, this Fund will designate grants to the following nonprofits:

Chippewa Valley Museum
Chippewa Valley Symphony
Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild
Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra
Pablo Center at the Confluence
UWEC Foundation for UW-Eau Claire's Music Department

Designated Funds like this one allow donors to support their favorite nonprofit organization, church, or school forever. A fund can support one or more charities, even specific programs of those charities. If the chosen organization eventually ceases to exist, ECCF will redirect the fund's income to another organization that has a similar mission.