Roberta and Ken Vance Fund


Roberta and Ken Vance have made an extraordinary impact on Eau Claire: In addition to owning a successful business, Ken Vance Motors, their community service has greatly improved the area’s quality of life. In particular, their award-winning collaboration on the Lowes Creek Watershed Project united public and private interests to protect the creek’s water quality from encroaching development.

The Vances have also been extremely important to ECCF’s work. As Society of Founders members, their financial support helped the Foundation open its doors, and as members of the Legacy Society, they’ve ensured that the doors will stay open for years to come. In 2019, Roberta and Ken became fund holders as well. Their unrestricted Roberta and Ken Vance Fund addresses the community’s greatest needs by supporting ECCF’s annual grant cycle.

“There are more needs in this community than one person could possibly imagine,” Ken had explained when his fund was first established. “If you have a penchant for giving but don’t know where the money should go, unrestricted funds are a great way to let the experts guide your giving.”

Although Ken has passed away, his vision and generosity live on. Grant support from the Roberta and Ken Vance Fund will protect Eau Claire’s quality of life just as surely as the Vances protected the creek that flows past their business.