Mark and Donna Faanes Family Fund

The Faanes family
The Faanes family


This Acorn Fund will be considered Unrestricted until it reaches the $10,000 level. At that time, it will be reviewed by the family, who will decide on its direction. It may continue as Unrestricted, but it could also become a Field of Interest, Designated, or Donor Advised fund.

(An Acorn Fund is a starter fund that grows over time and has five years to become fully funded; when it does, it can begin making grants. An Unrestricted Fund gives the Foundation's Board of Trustees the flexibility to apply its dollars to the community's most pressing needs, while a Field of Interest Fund is specific to a certain area, such as the environment or education, and a Designated Fund makes annual grants to specific donor-chosen recipients. Donor Advised Funds enable donors to make suggestions that match their philanthropic interests with nonprofit organizations.)

Mark and Donna Faanes are strongly involved with the Foundation. In addition to starting this Fund, Mark served as the Chair of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, and Donna is involved in the Women's Giving Circle.