Lasker Jewelers Star of Hope Foundation Fund

Liz Lasker Falkner and Nicole Lasker on their trip to Botswana


Support from this Donor-Advised Fund will address a wide variety of community needs. Fund holder Liz Lasker Falkner explained how she and her sister Nicole were inspired to create it:

"Nicole and I had the opportunity to visit Botswana, Africa, this summer to see the impact diamonds have where they are mined. In Botswana, we saw the diamond mines, but we also saw the clinics, schools, and roads that have been built as a direct result of a successful partnership between the government of Botswana and the diamond mines.

We grew up in a family that believed in giving back to our community. Our grandfather was an immigrant and started with nothing. He always felt it was his duty as an American to help others.

After our visit to Africa, and seeing the impact of the diamonds we sell at Lasker Jewelers, we decided to set up the Star of Hope Foundation Fund. In addition to creating the Fund, Nicole designed a diamond pendant called the Star of Hope. The four points of the star coincide with four focus areas of the Fund: Healthcare, Education, Women, and Children. Our success in the community allows us to continue to give back through the Star of Hope Foundation Fund."

Diamonds are especially significant to Liz and Nicole, whose family business, Lasker Jewelers, has long been a pillar of the Eau Claire community.

Donor-Advised Funds like this one allow donors to recommend grants to their favorite nonprofits. The Lasker Jewelers Star of Hope Foundation Fund will help Liz, Nicole, and other family members support the causes they care about both now and for years to come.