Landmark Conservancy Fund of the Mary E. Fitz Memorial Park

The Landmark Conservancy’s mission is “conserving Wisconsin’s natural legacy for everyone…forever.” 

Landmark Conservancy serves over 20 counties across western Wisconsin, working primarily with private landowners who wish to conserve their land in perpetuity. They not only work with landowners, but with municipalities, state, and federal entities to create public preserves and trails for all to enjoy. Selected projects meet criteria based on natural resource values and alignment with their conservation priorities. As of 2018, they have conserved over 30,000 acres in their combined 30 years of land protection work.  

 Donors can become members of Land Conservancy, volunteer, and/or donate through their IRA, a gift of stock, real estate, land, or other physical assets.  For more information, please write to or call 715-235-8850.

Since this fund is an Agency Endowment, gifts must be made directly to Landmark Conservancy. You can donate online via the Landmark Conservancy website.  You can also mail a check to:

Landmark Conservancy
500 E. Main St., Suite 307
Menomonie, WI 54751