B.J. and Bea Farmer Family Fund

BJ and Bea Farmer Family
Bea and BJ Farmer


Do you want to support many different Eau Claire area nonprofits without having to set up your own fund? If so, a gift to the B.J. and Bea Farmer Family Fund might be a great option for you.

This Fund provides a strong source of grant funding for a wide variety of organizations. Unlike many other Funds, which focus on specific areas based on donor intent and field of interest, the B.J. and Bea Farmer Family Fund is unrestricted. Its flexibility allows the Foundation's grant reviewers to fund grant applications that address the community's most pressing needs, even if the proposed programs don't specifically correspond to the objectives of other existing Funds.

A gift to this Fund is an excellent way to ensure that a diverse array of nonprofit organizations can continue their fantastic work on behalf of the Eau Claire community.


B.J. and Bea Farmer are members of the Society of Founders, a group of community members who established the Eau Claire Community Foundation with their generous financial support. They are also members of the Foundation's Legacy Society.

B.J. has served on several Foundation Committees, offering his valuable experience as a local business owner to advise Foundation operations. Bea is a Founder of the Women's Giving Circle. Both are recipients of the 2007 Outstanding Achievement Award in honor of their significant contributions on behalf of children in our community. They also received the Foundation's 2014 Leadership Award for their important role in creating and supporting the Foundation.