Andrew and Brenda Schlafer Family Fund

The Schlafer Family

Some dreams come true right away; others take longer. That’s where Acorn Funds come in: They can be established for as little as $500 and contributed to over time. Each Acorn Fund has up to five years to become fully funded, at which point granting can begin.

The Schlafer family is taking advantage of this opportunity. Andy Schlafer explained their vision: “We established this fund in an effort to give back to this community that has given so much to us. We also wanted to use it as a lesson to teach our daughters about financial responsibility, primarily financial stewardship. This was another opportunity for us to ‘walk the talk’ we’ve been teaching them about since they were very young. They’ve watched us consistently contribute to charities with our time as well as our monies, and this formalizes a plan for us to give into perpetuity. The girls are most excited about being able to help choose which charities will benefit from the fund. We’ve also included the Foundation in our estate plans, so our daughters can continue to enjoy helping distribute the assets after we’re gone.”

Thanks to the vision of the Schlafer family and other generous donors like them, local nonprofits will have the financial support they need for years to come.