Fit for the Future Fund

About the Fund

The “Fit for the Future” fundraising campaign will help the L.E. Phillips Senior Center expand its fitness and educational programming by building a new fitness center to meet the growing demands for its gym, group fitness offerings. and also enable the L.E. Phillips Senior Center to create a larger, more flexible space for in-demand community collaborations and educational programming in its existing lower level.


The L.E. Phillips Senior Center is the main resource and place to go for successful aging. It meets the social, emotional, and physical well-being needs of the 50+ community. Successful aging creates a positive ripple effect in terms of the health of our senior population. That creates less strain on public and private resources.

Time is of the essence to raise the capital for two reasons:

The L.E. Phillips Family Foundation has a $1.1 million-dollar match if the Senior Center can raise that amount or more by February 14, 2020. This is an incredible opportunity to double each donor’s impact and make the expansion a reality in 2020.

Secondly, due to the “Silver Tsunami,” our aging population is growing exponentially and more people than ever over the next three decades will need a great reason and purpose to get up in the morning and live a vibrant, healthy life alongside like-minded peers. This expansion project positions the Chippewa Valley well when it comes to the exploding senior population.