Steven B. Lange Memorial Fund

Steven Lange

In March 2021, our beloved Steven passed away unexpectedly at the age of 38. In words, we can only describe Steven as a bright light who made an impact upon everyone he knew. As a precious and gregarious child, he was curious and kind, caring and funny. He grew into a solid young man, capable of so many things. His musical talent gave us joy, his smile and lending hand gave us encouragement. 

There are so many stories that we recall. He was sincere in his care for others. One friend said it well: "Steve would give you the shirt off his back, and then give you his pants, too!" We will carry his smile in our hearts and extend his generosity to those in need in our community. Our family will select from areas that he embraces: the environment, music education, and leadership. 

Steve is survived by his son, Jake; his brother Chris and sister-in-law, Rebecca; and his parents, Dr. Ron and Patricia Lange. We will together make choices for him from this memorial fund. 

Be the light that was Steve.

-Dr. Ron and Patricia Lange


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