Nellie and John I. Kaiser Memorial Fund

Nellie and John I. Kaiser Memorial Fund


Katy Mattice started this Field of Interest Fund at the Eau Claire Community Foundation to honor the memory of her parents, Nellie and John I. Kaiser, because it is a "gift that keeps on giving." This fund is used to support grants for projects and programs that enhance children's literacy.

My parents, John and Nellie Kaiser, came to Eau Claire after WWII where my three sisters and I were born and raised. My parents were always very active in the community in so many arenas. They owned Golden Rule Oil Co. Inc. until approximately 1975, when they sold it and retired. They volunteered with United Way, YMCA, Luther Hospital, Girl Scouts and Red Cross to name a few. They were totally committed to Eau Claire -- it was their home.

My mom donated the director's cabin at Camp Manitou in memory of my dad and the nurse's cabin in the memory of my sister Gail. We all loved Y camp! They also set up a sizable trust that went to Luther Hospital upon their deaths. My mother was an avid reader; all was right with the world if she had a stack of three or four books on the counter waiting to be read! She passed that love of reading on to all of us. The old public library had a separate entrance for the "Children's Library" and I can still remember the day I was allowed to go in by myself, while mom went around to the main door! I was finally a big kid!

My husband Jeff and I both grew up in Eau Claire and he owns Local Roofing Co. Inc., the family business he bought from his father. After living in Idaho for several years after we married, we moved back to Eau Claire so both our daughters could grow up there. Aside from the cold winters, Eau Claire is a wonderful community to live and raise a family!

When my parents passed away, I decided on the Eau Claire Community Foundation as a memorial because I like the concept that it would be a gift that truly does "keep on giving." The foundation reaches a much broader scope than an individual organization and the grants change based on the needs in the community, not the needs of a particular organization. It was so nice working with staff and choosing a direction for the fund. Being able to participate made this donation feel more personal and satisfying than just writing a check. It's a great way for mom and dad to keep on giving to the city they were so dedicated to! And, as my husband and I spend more time away from Eau Claire, the foundation is a wonderful way to stay connected
Katy Mattice - 2007 ECCF Annual Report