ECPD Community Crisis Fund

A crisis can occur at any time, to anyone, anywhere—even in a place that’s generally as safe and peaceful as Eau Claire. That’s why the Eau Claire Police Department created the ECPD Community Crisis Fund. Its support will help ease the burden for those experiencing acute crisis.

There are many reasons that someone could need this Fund’s support. Here are just a few scenarios:

  • When officers respond to suicides, overdoses, or natural deaths, family members may need lodging while the home is being processed and cleaned.
  • Individuals or families may also need lodging and other support when their homes have been damaged by fires, floods, or other natural disasters.
  • Wisconsin’s brutal winters often strand motorists, who may need lodging while waiting for their vehicles to be towed.
  • Victims of domestic violence or other crimes may need a safe place to stay at times when local shelters are already at capacity.

While we fervently wish that nobody will ever experience an acute crisis, it’s reassuring to know that the ECPD Community Crisis Fund will be there for anyone who needs it. You can donate to it online or send a check to:

ECCF/Community Crisis Fund
306 S. Barstow St. Suite 104
Eau Claire, WI  54701