Draper Hills Scholarship Fund

2023 Scholarship Recipients

This fund was established by Eldon Hill on behalf of students at Loyal High School in Loyal, WI. Named in honor of the Draper and Hills families who played a vital role in shaping Eldon's youth, its purpose is to encourage high school students to maximize their talents and to help them benefit from further education after they graduate.

It was inspired by a family friend who helped Eldon pay for his first two years at UW-Madison; her only request was that he one day pass his educational opportunity forward to a new generation of students. The Draper Hills Scholarship Fund is a fulfillment of that request.

While academics are one of the factors considered in making the awards, the Draper Hills Scholarship Fund criteria were written to recognize the diversity of student talents; the Fund is primarily intended to support students who have maximized those talents and who are likely to benefit from post-secondary education. Future scholarship awards to students meeting these criteria will be reviewed annually and adjusted to account for rising tuition.

Although Eldon passed away at the age of 102, his legacy of generosity will live on forever through this Fund.


Draper Hills Scholarship Recipients


Aspen Hagen

Tanna Luchterhand

Leah Scherer

Maci Bogdonovich


Brandon Jakobi

Micah Kayhart

Abrial Kubista

Natasha Tellock

Miranda Trade


Katlyn Lindner

Brody Miller

Savannah Schley

Matthew Szymanski

Jenna Waldhart


Kaycee Benz

Olivia Horn

Remi Geiger


Hannah Peroshek

Sydney Schultz

2 Anonymous Recipients


Luke Bogdonovich

Edrea Kubista

Tamerat Kubista

Blain Schmidt


Rachel Anderson

Alexis Dietsche

Nicole Martin


Megan Schuette

Jake Waldhart

Benjamin Zimmerman


Travis Becker

Brian Karl

Morgan Larson


Valorie Brecht

Layne Schmidt

Luke Zimmerman

The Draper Hills Scholarship Fund will help make higher education an attainable goal for future generations of Loyal students.

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