Brotoloc North Mental Health Fund

Helen's House gathering


The Brotoloc North Mental Health Fund was established in celebration of Brotoloc North’s 50 years of serving people with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities.

This Fund supports Eau Claire area nonprofits that address mental health issues and, like Brotoloc North itself, help people overcome severe life challenges and find direction for a brighter future.

In addition to commemorating 50 years of successful service to Wisconsin patients, the Brotoloc North Mental Health Fund holds a special significance to the Eau Claire Community Foundation: It’s the Foundation’s first Corporate Donor Advised Fund, a fund type which encourages a business and its employees to become actively engaged in philanthropy.

Through this Fund, Brotoloc North, its employees, and the organizations it supports are working to make the Eau Claire community a healthier place to live.

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