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2019 Meeting Schedule and Event Dates

2019 Meeting Schedule and Event Dates

2019 Committee Members

2019 Committee Members

Scoring Tools for Grants

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Fund Agreement

Lasker Jewelers Star of Hope Foundation Fund Agreement (Pending)

This is a quasi-endowed Donor-Advised Fund for the business which is fully funded with $25,000.

Amendments to Agreement

Grewe Family Fund Amendment to Agreement (Pending)

Public Gardens Fund Amendment to Agreement (Pending)

Ann and Tom Grewe, who hold both funds, are requesting that these funds be put into the SRI pool.

Pending Grants Committee Members

The following two candidates for the Grants Committee need Board Approval: 

Matt Pabich, owner of Raggedy Man

Kara Pitchford, previous Board of Trustees Member, STEC Board Member, and former teacher

Primary Agreement Update

Primary Agreement Update (Pending)

A donor requested clarity in the Primary regarding amendments. Sue’s recommended change is highlighted in yellow.

Voting Forms

Click here to vote on current pending approvals

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2019 Strategic Plan Packet

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Audit Committee Packet 4.20.2017

Full Graystone Consulting Portfolio Analysis 4.11.17

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ECCF Strategic Planning Meeting

Non-Cash Assets 2014

Top Ten Advisor Trends-Wisconsin

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Trust Agreement

Trust Agreement 3.14.19

Investment and Spending Policies

Contracting for Professional Services 12.16.10

Distribution Policy 12.18.18

Investment Policy 4.26.18
Investment Policy includes Distribution Policy and Conflict of Interest for Investment Committee members.

Public Disclosure and 990-T 4.26.12

Signature Review Policy 10.11.2017

Fund and Grant Operation Policies

Administrative Fee Schedule 12.18.18

Contracting Professional Services 7.25.2019

Donor Advised Fund Activity Policy 07.27.2017

Emergency Grants 8.30.01

Event Focused Fundraising 7.22.10

Fiscal Sponsorship Policy 10.26.2017

Gift Acceptance Policy 12.18.18

Grant Making and Due Diligence Policy 7.20.18

Logo Policy 10.23.08

Public Fundraising Policy 4.9.19

1. Public Fundraising Application 4.9.19

Scholarship Policy and Procedures 10.27.16

Society of Founders Fund for Operations Agreement 9.14.16

Human Resource Policies

Confidentiality Policy 8.5.2016-ECPSF-8.2.2016

Conflict of Interest 5.6.16

Document Retention Revision 7.27.17

ECCF Employee Handbook 10.27.17

Nondiscrimination Policy 7.27.17

Privacy Policy 7.27.17

Social Media Policy 7-27-17

Travel 1.31.10

Whistleblower Policy 7.27.17