Sculpture Tour Eau Claire

Sculpture Tour's Mission

Sculpture Tour Eau Claire is a non-profit organization with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, by using the arts to promote tourism, economic development, health, and education. Our group of volunteers is dedicated to providing an original, interactive, year-round, and artist friendly outdoor sculpture exhibit.

Bringing Art to the Chippewa Valley

Created and managed by Eau Claire area volunteers, Sculpture Tour Eau Claire (STEC) provides an outdoor, interactive, free exhibit of sculptures displayed nearly year-round, twenty-four hours a day. The sculptures are owned by the artists who created them and are loaned to Eau Claire’s exhibit for 48-50 weeks. The artists are from North America and abroad; their work features a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Each May a new set of sculptures arrives in the Eau Claire community for display and enjoyment.

Involving the CommunitySculpture-Tour

Community members can vote on their favorite sculptures; the one that receives the most votes wins that year's People's Choice award. Sculpture Tour Eau Claire then purchases the People's Choice winner and donates it to the City of Eau Claire, which puts it on permanent display.

Educating the People

In addition to providing public access to art, Sculpture Tour Eau Claire provides many resources for community members young and old on its website. You can click the website button at the bottom of this page to find educational activities, artist information, pictures of current and previous years' sculptures, information about purchasing sculptures, and much more.

Working With Media Partners

Local media partners assist Sculpture Tour Eau Claire with promoting:

  • Call to Artists
  • Installation of new sculptures
  • Online tour
  • Voting for the People's Choice Award

Click on the arrow below to view media Partner WEAU's promotion of the People's Choice Award.

Sustaining the Program

Contributions to the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire Endowment Fund will help sustain this initiative for years to come, and contributions to the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire Operations Fund help cover the expenses of running the program (transporting and installing sculptures, paying insurance premiums, purchasing the People's Choice sculpture, etc.)


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